Mini Chica Ceroon
Mini Chica Ceroon
Mini Chica Ceroon

Mini Chica Ceroon

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Chica Ceroon is late night hang outs with your bestie in your pjs, a phone call to your sister who lives on the other side of the world, and seeing your best friend marry their best friend on a special day

For your bestie who's having a rough day! 
What's included in your Chica Ceroon? 
Peggy Sue Bath and Body Oil
Bouffants and Broken Hearts Soy Wax Candle 
Quartz Roller 
Face Towel 

Why trust in Ceroon?

From the legends who brought you East End Flower Market

While it's different from EEFM, Ceroon is made with the same love, excitement, innovation and passion for what we do that is synonymous with the East End Flower Market brand. We have spent months carefully curating boxes for every occasion. Every product included in each box serves a purpose and has been chosen because it is high quality, engaging and timeless.