The Comfort Ceroon
The Comfort Ceroon
The Comfort Ceroon

The Comfort Ceroon

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What's included in my The Comfort Ceroon Gift Box? 

Tea Social English Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea 
Leaf and Bean Tea for One Teapot and Glass Cup 
Paperideas Yellow Dotted Note Book
Neo Book and Tarot Cards by Jericho Mandybur 
Mustard Socks
Pink Claw Hair Clip 

Why trust in Ceroon?

From the legends who brought you East End Flower Market

While it's different from EEFM, Ceroon is made with the same love, excitement, innovation and passion for what we do that is synonymous with the East End Flower Market brand. We have spent months carefully curating boxes for every occasion. Every product included in each box serves a purpose and has been chosen because it is high quality, engaging and timeless.