DOIY designs are unconventional, iconic, creative, thoughtful and emotional.
Every object holds a story. Whether they surprise you, cheer you up, send good vibes or make you laugh...
they always provoke a pleasurable emotion.
Slow Puzzle
Contemporary creative puzzle shaped as a pair of wooden articulated hands. It includes over 500 pieces and two sets of adhesive sheets that enable you to  stick the pieces of puzzle together and frame it as a piece of art.
30 Day Challenge Self Confidence
1 daily activity for 30 days to stop doubting and to live an amazing life. Self-confidence is one of the key to happiness and success. Very often, our doubts stop us from getting what we want. Don’t let self-sabotaging beliefs ruin your dreams. You are amazing and you can do anything. This 30 day self-confidence challenge gives you great tips to believe in yourself and start to live the life you want. Pull the day-ticket and start the challenge!
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